Run and Hide

Purchase via itch store Run and Hide is a short, fast-paced game about being on the run and making decisions about how to stay ahead of those who chase you. Being on the run is hard, and there are plenty of tough calls to make. Half of it is planning, but most of it is luck! Can you stay ahead …

Sapling Soul banner. It shows a small plant growing out of a log, with the words 'Sapling Soul' hovering gently above its leaves.

Sapling Soul

Purchase via itch store. You are a Sapling Soul.  You belong to the Forest but the Forest does not belong to you. The Forest is bigger than you in more ways than one, and you regard it with awe. Most days you lead an average life, not so different to your peers. But some days you hear the Forest call and you …

Stay Whimsical. Behind are images of the Streampunks, a group of Actual Play streamers.

Stay /Whimsical

Purchase via itch store This is a Lasers&Feelings Hack based on the ‘#StreamPunks’ (previously known as the Campbell Crew), an AP TTRPG group originally on the Geek and Sundry Twitch and now on the QueueTimes Twitch. In this hack, play as a bunch of nerdy friends on a roadtrip to a convention when strange things start to happen!  You can find the original …

A banner showing a sun rising over mountains and forest.


This game is inspired by #YourMoveJam and by Jay Dragon’s submission in particular. The game is one move in its entirety, focussed on hope. Take care, believe. Purchase via itch store.