LOGAN with Jeff Stormer on the Party of One Podcast

I had the pleasure of sitting in with Jeff while he played LOGAN: An Autobiographical Tabletop Game on his excellent podcast ‘Party of One’. Hit play to listen how my life turns out in Jeff’s hands… You can find more Party of One here, and on all your favourite podcatchers. It’s a great podcast, I recommend checking it out!

Cozy Town with Compass Rose Productions

Join me, Scottie and guest Colin as we play Cozy Town Compass Rose Productions’ 2021 Pride Stream! Cozy Town is a sweet, town-building game, where the whole aim is to make your fellow players go ‘awwwww‘. Cozy Town is written and designed by Rae Nedjadi, and can be found here!

wanderhome with Compass Rose Productions Part 2

Part 2 of my wanderhome Actual Play with the folks at Compass Rose Productions! This time we explore the Miremuck Swamp, where Quiahuitl’s mysterious friend lives… Come along for a thrilling journey with Dantholomew, Quiahuitl, Fran, and newcomer James Lindsay Witherby, full of art and mega-insects! Wanderhome is Jay Dragon at Possum Creek Games.

A screenshot of the Chandeliers and Caviar oneshot. It shows Carvyn the GM, as well as all the players; CJ, Dusty, Adira, Logan and Mikey. Everyone is dressed very fancily and wearing glasses of some sort!

Chandeliers & Caviar by Corvyn Appleby

I play Chandeliers & Caviar (a hack of Lasers & Feelings) by Corvyn Appleby, with Corvyn themself as GM! Join me, CJ, Dusty, Adira and Mikey as we dress fancy, go to a slightly-awkward party and try to uncover the mystery of who sent these mysterious love letters… You can get Chandeliers & Caviar here, and Lasers & Feelings by …

wanderhome with Compass Rose Productions Part 1

I play wanderhome (by Jay Dragon at Possum Creek Games) with the folks at Compass Rose Productions! Watch along for a lovely journey with Dantholomew, Kohl, Quiahuitl, Fran and Anemone, as they travel through Starfall Meadow; a place with many beautiful sights and magical happenings…