Stealing the Crone. A hack of Nick Bate's Stealing the Throne.

Stealing the Crone

Who says the old folks don’t know new tricks?

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It’s the 3rd weekend of the month, and you know what that means! It’s dedicated ‘spend time with your grandparent at their retirement home’ weekend. And let’s be honest, you love this weekend. Especially since your grandparent video called you from their phone (only showing their forehead on camera cos they can’t get the angles right, but we still love them), and with a twinkle in their eye, said they had ‘something planned’.

On the weekend you spend with your grandparent at least once a month, you do all sorts of things together. Play games, watch old movies, tell stories… but this weekend, it will be different.


Fact: You love your (extremely mischievous) grandparent

Fact: Your grandparent loves you

Fact: Your grandparent loves where they live

Fact: They could leave at any time

Fact: They are planning a daring escape anyway


Stealing the Crone is a hack of Stealing the Throne by Nick Bate. In Stealing the Crone, you play as grandchildren of a super cool grandparent who wants to cause a little mischief this weekend. Together you will tell the story of said mischief, and how well it does or doesn’t turn out.

To play you need:

🧔🏽 3-5 players

🃏 A deck of playing cards minus jokers

🎲 1 six-sided die

✏ Index cards and writing utensils

🕰 60-90 minutes

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