Stay Whimsical. Behind are images of the Streampunks, a group of Actual Play streamers.

Stay /Whimsical

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This is a Lasers&Feelings Hack based on the ‘#StreamPunks’ (previously known as the Campbell Crew), an AP TTRPG group originally on the Geek and Sundry Twitch and now on the QueueTimes Twitch.

In this hack, play as a bunch of nerdy friends on a roadtrip to a convention when strange things start to happen! 

You can find the original Lasers&Feelings by John Harper at

John also has an itch now, so check it out!

IMAGE: Various pictures of the StreamPunks from their Doctor Who, Star Trek and Cyberpunk/Superhero Actual Play shows. Most of them include the cast hugging each other. The text written over the top says, ‘You are a group of friends who make extraordinary things out of the ordinary, and people love you for it. Sometimes, you go on adventures together, and today is one of those days. You’re about to hit the road for a nerdy convention together, and anything can happen on a road trip…’

Purchase via itch store

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