Sapling Soul banner. It shows a small plant growing out of a log, with the words 'Sapling Soul' hovering gently above its leaves.

Sapling Soul

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You are a Sapling Soul. 

You belong to the Forest but the Forest does not belong to you. The Forest is bigger than you in more ways than one, and you regard it with awe.

Most days you lead an average life, not so different to your peers. But some days you hear the Forest call and you answer. Always you answer.

Tonight the Forest calls to you again. There are always mysterious creatures in the Forest, but tonight something is amiss. There is a newcomer who may cause trouble. You are a Sapling Soul, you are called to help.

Sapling Soul is a solo ttrpg inspired by Rae Nedjadi‘s We Forest Three.

I plan on coming back to this game at a later date and expanding it.

AWARD WINNING GAME: Sapling Soul won an award at the prestigious Sandy Pug Game Awards in 2020!

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