Stealing the Crone. A hack of Nick Bate's Stealing the Throne.

Stealing the Crone

Who says the old folks don’t know new tricks? Purchase via itch. It’s the 3rd weekend of the month, and you know what that means! It’s dedicated ‘spend time with your grandparent at their retirement home’ weekend. And let’s be honest, you love this weekend. Especially since your grandparent video called you from their phone (only showing their forehead on …

Wordle Wizard

You are a wizard. A very mysterious wizard of unknowable power. Every day, a villager comes to you with a problem. You of course, being a wizard, already know what it is and how to fix it; an arcane ritual known as… wordle! Play this game to be a wordy wizard who tries their best to solve local problems, often to …

Logan Timmins work rates. If you have a game or project you want to work with me to complete, please get in touch! Tabletop RPG Writing: adventure modules, supplements, variant rules and more! $.10/word. Design Consultation: $.08/word to read over a google document, and leave comments and questions. $40/hour for an in depth follow up discussion.


Hello there! 👋🏼 I’m Logan, a queer, Aussie, trans man game designer, design consultant, freelancer and general tabletop nerd. On this page you can learn more about me and how I got started in games, find my work availability, and my rates for consulting work. To contact me, just fill out the form at the bottom of the page! You …

S.A.D. Zines Volume 1

Purchase via itch store The S.A.D. (small and delightful) Zines are lyric games that connect you to yourself and the place around you. Each edition provides a different theme to explore your surroundings and your relationships to them and the people in your life. Volume 1 of the S.A.D. Zines includes:🌸 Flower Edition☁ Cloud Edition🍟 Chippy Edition🌟 Star Edition 🐚🌱🐜📍 The S.A.D. Zines Volume …

LOGAN with Jeff Stormer on the Party of One Podcast

I had the pleasure of sitting in with Jeff while he played LOGAN: An Autobiographical Tabletop Game on his excellent podcast ‘Party of One’. Hit play to listen how my life turns out in Jeff’s hands… You can find more Party of One here, and on all your favourite podcatchers. It’s a great podcast, I recommend checking it out!

LOGAN: An Autobiographical Tabletop Game

Purchase via itch store. What is this game? LOGAN is an autobiographical tabletop game. In it you play through events I, Logan, have lived through, and come out with a version of my life in your hands. LOGAN is deeply personal and vulnerable. LOGAN is a reflection on life, on its high and lows, its ebbs and flows. LOGAN is …

Stepping back from stereotypes: an all and nothing approach

Stepping back from stereotypes; an ‘all and nothing’ approach

In 2020, I ran a Kickstarter to raise funds for a tabletop game I wrote and designed, called Preparing for Paris. Here’s the pitch: You are a student at the prestigious, yet cutthroat high school Olympic Academy. The catch? Every student here is a personified sport! As an underdog sport, you must work hard to accrue cred, connections and chums to graduate top …

Cozy Town with Compass Rose Productions

Join me, Scottie and guest Colin as we play Cozy Town Compass Rose Productions’ 2021 Pride Stream! Cozy Town is a sweet, town-building game, where the whole aim is to make your fellow players go ‘awwwww‘. Cozy Town is written and designed by Rae Nedjadi, and can be found here!

wanderhome with Compass Rose Productions Part 2

Part 2 of my wanderhome Actual Play with the folks at Compass Rose Productions! This time we explore the Miremuck Swamp, where Quiahuitl’s mysterious friend lives… Come along for a thrilling journey with Dantholomew, Quiahuitl, Fran, and newcomer James Lindsay Witherby, full of art and mega-insects! Wanderhome is Jay Dragon at Possum Creek Games.

Genderful with GenderMeowster

I sit down with GenderMeowster and talk about gender and tabletop games, and just have an all round good time! Meowster is a variety streamer and podcaster, with a focus on comfy and cozy vibes. All their info can be found here!