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Preparing for Paris

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Welcome to Olympic Academy! 

The prestigious and cutthroat high school in which every student is a personified sport! Play as one of 12 available characters all vying for the top spot come graduation, and a taste of Olympic glory.

Make friends, meet rivals, and cause chaos in this hilarious game for 3+ players!

What you need:
-2 six-sided dice
-at least 3 players (no game master!)
-1 hour of play time per player
-a willingness to get into wacky hijinks!

Preparing for Paris is a queer game. It is a game of creating wild and fun high school memories that can replace any real ones you have that are painful, and that’s (sadly) a pretty common queer experience. This game is implicitly queer through its visuals and explicitly queer in encouraging many pronouns and gender identities. It is also queer because a queer trans man wrote it and played very queer playtests with it.
That being said, you do not have to be queer to play this game but if you are queerphobic or engage in any form of bigotry you cannot play this game. That is against the rules.

Preparing for Paris was successfully Kickstarted in 2020 with amazing layout design done by Maria Mison, includes minigames written by guest designers Pidj Sorensen, Steve Dee and Mitch Salmon, and other layout work by Vee Hendro.

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