On this page, find a collection of Logan's sporadic writings.

Mainly articles about game design, but you never know what pop up...

Stepping back from stereotypes; an ‘all and nothing’ approach

In 2020, I ran a Kickstarter to raise funds for a tabletop game I wrote and designed, called Preparing for Paris. Here’s the pitch: You are a student at the prestigious, yet cutthroat high school Olympic Academy. The catch? Every student here is a personified sport! As an underdog sport, you must work hard to accrue cred, connections and chums to graduate top

How is game design like packing a toolbox?

I found tabletop games only a few years ago, and quickly went from playing, to running, to creating my own. I found in tabletop games something I had been unknowingly wanting from the moment I stopped playing make believe as a kid. I found the magic of improvised storytelling, and the beauty of creating something truly unique with my dear