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Stealing the Crone

Who says the old folks don’t know new tricks? Purchase via itch. It’s the 3rd weekend of the month, and you know what that means! It’s dedicated ‘spend time with your grandparent at their retirement home’ weekend. And let’s be honest, you love this weekend. Especially since your grandparent video called you from their phone (only showing their forehead on

Wordle Wizard

You are a wizard. A very mysterious wizard of unknowable power. Every day, a villager comes to you with a problem. You of course, being a wizard, already know what it is and how to fix it; an arcane ritual known as… wordle! Play this game to be a wordy wizard who tries their best to solve local problems, often to

S.A.D. Zines Volume 1

Purchase via itch store The S.A.D. (small and delightful) Zines are lyric games that connect you to yourself and the place around you. Each edition provides a different theme to explore your surroundings and your relationships to them and the people in your life. Volume 1 of the S.A.D. Zines includes:🌸 Flower Edition☁ Cloud Edition🍟 Chippy Edition🌟 Star Edition 🐚🌱🐜📍 The S.A.D. Zines Volume

LOGAN: An Autobiographical Tabletop Game

Purchase via itch store. What is this game? LOGAN is an autobiographical tabletop game. In it you play through events I, Logan, have lived through, and come out with a version of my life in your hands. LOGAN is deeply personal and vulnerable. LOGAN is a reflection on life, on its high and lows, its ebbs and flows. LOGAN is

If you’re lost you can look and you will find me // Time after time

Purchase via itch store. A 2 player game of love and time travel… You have lived a life of time distorted. The days you live are not in chronological order. One day you might be 5 years old, learning to tie your shoe for the first time. You sleep, and awake the next day as a young adult, at a job you

Witch you were here

A postcard-sized spell for time travel to more beautiful times. Purchase via itch store

Hi [NAME], I’m Dad!

Purchase via itch store. Hi [NAME], I’m Dad was made for the Pleasure-Not-Business Card RPG Jam. It’s a small and simple game that helps show you how to be a good dad or dad-friend. And it all fits on a business card! All the text is in the screenshots, there is nothing extra in the PDF. If you can, I’d love if

Preparing for Paris

Purchase via itch store. Welcome to Olympic Academy!  The prestigious and cutthroat high school in which every student is a personified sport! Play as one of 12 available characters all vying for the top spot come graduation, and a taste of Olympic glory. Make friends, meet rivals, and cause chaos in this hilarious game for 3+ players! What you need:-2

Run and Hide

Purchase via itch store Run and Hide is a short, fast-paced game about being on the run and making decisions about how to stay ahead of those who chase you. Being on the run is hard, and there are plenty of tough calls to make. Half of it is planning, but most of it is luck! Can you stay ahead

Once Upon A Dream

Purchase via itch store. YOU ARE DISTANT LOVERS Once Upon a Dream is a game about for two or more players who play lovers separated by a great distance.  TOGETHER YOU DREAM You long to be together, and somehow this wish is granted when you dream. A DREAM IS A WISH YOUR HEART MAKES But the dream world is strange.

The Inevitable End (or Tell Your Friends You Love Them)

Purchase via itch store Sometimes you make friends, and sometimes you know you will have to say goodbye to those friends. Before you do, play this game with them. At the time of writing I am in Japan on exchange for a semester. We’re just over the halfway point and it’s starting to hit us that we’re going to have


Purchase via itch store. LAST WORDS is a game about the end and the words we meet there. LAST WORDS is a game for two or more players as you say goodbye to retired adventurers. It works as an epilogue for any characters you’ve played in another campaign, but can be played by itself too. LAST WORDS is an entry

Sapling Soul

Purchase via itch store. You are a Sapling Soul.  You belong to the Forest but the Forest does not belong to you. The Forest is bigger than you in more ways than one, and you regard it with awe. Most days you lead an average life, not so different to your peers. But some days you hear the Forest call and you

Stay /Whimsical

Purchase via itch store This is a Lasers&Feelings Hack based on the ‘#StreamPunks’ (previously known as the Campbell Crew), an AP TTRPG group originally on the Geek and Sundry Twitch and now on the QueueTimes Twitch. In this hack, play as a bunch of nerdy friends on a roadtrip to a convention when strange things start to happen!  You can find the original


This game is inspired by #YourMoveJam and by Jay Dragon’s submission in particular. The game is one move in its entirety, focussed on hope. Take care, believe. Purchase via itch store.

Across the Waves to You

Purchase via itch store You are a Merfolk, and in a tale as tragic as the ocean is blue, you have fallen for a landwalker. The time now approaches when you can meet again, though the journey will be difficult for both of you. What must you do to make it to your love, and how will they react when

A New Shell

Purchase via itch store. You are a hermit crab who has grown out of their shell. It is time to find a new one, however scary that may be. Reception: “Yo this is one of those quintissential (sic) games that like really honor something as universal as transition in a ludicrously honest way…” – Maria Mison Purchase via itch store.

Kindergarten Keepers

Purchase via itch store You are the sentient shadow of a kid who has just started kinder. As their protector, you put their safety and happiness above everything else. Kinder presents your toughest challenge yet, what if there’s a huge spider!? The aim of this game is to make it through the 3 days of kinder this week without letting

Consequential Redemption

Purchase via itch store. When supervillains must team up with superheroes to defeat an even bigger threat, things are bound to go awry. The enemy you face is powerful and you will have to overcome many difficulties.  How will you work with such an unlikely team?  Will the supervillains ever truly achieve redemption? A game made for the Supervillain Redemption