Logan Timmins work rates. If you have a game or project you want to work with me to complete, please get in touch! Tabletop RPG Writing: adventure modules, supplements, variant rules and more! $.10/word. Design Consultation: $.08/word to read over a google document, and leave comments and questions. $40/hour for an in depth follow up discussion.


Hello there! 👋🏼

I’m Logan, a queer, Aussie, trans man game designer, design consultant, freelancer and general tabletop nerd.

On this page you can learn more about me and how I got started in games, find my work availability, and my rates for consulting work.

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It all began…

when I sat down to watch an actual play dungeons and dragons campaign. From the outside, it looked like a bunch of people sitting at a table, talking. ‘How can this possibly be so entertaining?’ I thought.

Fast forward and I’m hooked, watching it in every available moment. The next logical step of course was to start playing. Again, I was hooked. So the next step was to start running games. And the next step to start designing my own.

And now?

Now I am a game designer.

I design games focused on feeling and connecting. What we feel tells us what is important to us, and keeps us in touch with our needs. My games guide players to connect with self and explore personal growth, and to connect to those around them and build relationship. My games guide players to tell stories, and the stories we tell ourselves hold real power.

You can find all my games here.

Now I am a game design consultant.

I have dipped my toes in many systems, looked through many lenses of game design. If you want a fellow game designer to look at your game and push it to grow into its best version, I’m available to work with you. I bring my own experience of designing games, plus the wealth of knowledge shared with me by other wonderful designers.

Hire me to ask questions you didn’t think to ask.

You can find my rates and contact form below.

Now I am a freelancer.

I enjoy exploring other creators’ works, and bringing my own flavour to them. I enjoy working with other designers and developers to continue to build and grow their games in new ways. You can find past examples of my freelance work here.

Hire me to add a thread of connection to any module, adventure or expansion of your game.

You can find my rates and contact form below.

Work availability and rates

Availability: 2 SLOTS OPEN
Current interests: Game Design Consultation, Stretch Goals, Collaboration
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If you are from a marginalised community, or need a discount for other reasons, please reach out. I am open to negotiation on a case by case basis.

Client feedback

Here are some things my clients have said…

Logan’s feedback on my game was thoughtful and creative. He helped reinforce the best parts, gently identified the weaknesses, and gave suggestions on how to address them. He considered not just mechanics, but story and tone, and I am certain the final product is stronger for his involvement. I highly recommend Logan as a collaborative partner at any point in a game’s development.Mitchell Salmon


Logan’s consultation service was a wonderful experience. The feedback I received was exactly what I needed to push my game from ‘concept’ to ‘functioning, playable design’. He posed questions that I wouldn’t have even thought of, and helped me work through the answers (dice probability, journaling mechanics, to name a few). He did not nudge me away from the idea I was trying to build on, but instead gave me advice that was clear, accommodating, and encouraging. Logan is very approachable and you can tell he has a passion for game design; I have nothing but good things to say about him and the experience over all.Madeline / HarvestMouse