Kindergarten Keepers banner. It shows a brightly coloured playground taken by Power Lai, with the title of the game on top. Around the title are two smiley face emojis.

Kindergarten Keepers

Purchase via itch store You are the sentient shadow of a kid who has just started kinder. As their protector, you put their safety and happiness above everything else. Kinder presents your toughest challenge yet, what if there’s a huge spider!? The aim of this game is to make it through the 3 days of kinder this week without letting …

Across the Waves to You

Purchase via itch store You are a Merfolk, and in a tale as tragic as the ocean is blue, you have fallen for a landwalker. The time now approaches when you can meet again, though the journey will be difficult for both of you. What must you do to make it to your love, and how will they react when …

A New Shell

Purchase via itch store. You are a hermit crab who has grown out of their shell. It is time to find a new one, however scary that may be. Reception: “Yo this is one of those quintissential (sic) games that like really honor something as universal as transition in a ludicrously honest way…” – Maria Mison Purchase via itch store.

Chandeliers & Caviar by Corvyn Appleby

I play Chandeliers & Caviar (a hack of Lasers & Feelings) by Corvyn Appleby, with Corvyn themself as GM! Join me, CJ, Dusty, Adira and Mikey as we dress fancy, go to a slightly-awkward party and try to uncover the mystery of who sent these mysterious love letters… You can get Chandeliers & Caviar here, and Lasers & Feelings by …

A banner showing a sun rising over mountains and forest.


This game is inspired by #YourMoveJam and by Jay Dragon’s submission in particular. The game is one move in its entirety, focussed on hope. Take care, believe. Purchase via itch store.

Sapling Soul banner. It shows a small plant growing out of a log, with the words 'Sapling Soul' hovering gently above its leaves.

Sapling Soul

Purchase via itch store. You are a Sapling Soul.  You belong to the Forest but the Forest does not belong to you. The Forest is bigger than you in more ways than one, and you regard it with awe. Most days you lead an average life, not so different to your peers. But some days you hear the Forest call and you …

Preparing for Paris banner. 5 teenagers of various backgrounds and fashion senses stand in front of a locker bay background. They're all super cool and chill.

Preparing for Paris

Purchase via itch store. Welcome to Olympic Academy!  The prestigious and cutthroat high school in which every student is a personified sport! Play as one of 12 available characters all vying for the top spot come graduation, and a taste of Olympic glory. Make friends, meet rivals, and cause chaos in this hilarious game for 3+ players! What you need:-2 …

Genderful with GenderMeowster

I sit down with GenderMeowster and talk about gender and tabletop games, and just have an all round good time! Meowster is a variety streamer and podcaster, with a focus on comfy and cozy vibes. All their info can be found here!

Cozy Town with Compass Rose Productions

Join me, Scottie and guest Colin as we play Cozy Town Compass Rose Productions’ 2021 Pride Stream! Cozy Town is a sweet, town-building game, where the whole aim is to make your fellow players go ‘awwwww‘. Cozy Town is written and designed by Jamila R Nedjadi, and can be found here!

wanderhome with Compass Rose Productions Part 2

Part 2 of my wanderhome Actual Play with the folks at Compass Rose Productions! This time we explore the Miremuck Swamp, where Quiahuitl’s mysterious friend lives… Come along for a thrilling journey with Dantholomew, Quiahuitl, Fran, and newcomer James Lindsay Witherby, full of art and mega-insects! Wanderhome is Jay Dragon at Possum Creek Games.